Everyone who loves pets should have at least one rescue animal.  We hear it time and time again - "I've always had purebreds from breeders, but my favorite pet is a rescue."  Every dog and cat is special - but when your rescue looks you deep in the eyes you can tell that he knows that you saved him and that he'd save you too, if he had the chance.  Most of our animals escaped euthanasia by only one or two days - in some cases, we were pleading with a shelter to hold off until we could get there.
We have so many beautiful animals from which to choose.  Sometimes it will happen when you look online, other times when you see your future companion in person.  But when your your eyes meet, you'll know it's meant to be.  And you'll wonder why no one got to him before you did.


We need extraordinary people to foster our dogs and cats.  Fostering an animal is like making a $400 donation to Paws in the City each and every month!  Moreover, it provides your foster with an enhanced chance to get adopted.  We only use the best boarding facilities in town, but they can't replicate the special care and attention of a family.
When you foster, you supply the home, the food and the love, and we take care of the veterinary bills and medicine.  If you leave town, we will arrange for another foster or boarding facility.  We only ask that dog fosters bring their dog to adoption events once or twice a month.  Cat adoption events happen less frequently, but fosters are always welcome. Don't worry about picking the perfect pet from a picture - we will help you pick the perfect companion that meets the needs of your family, home, lifestyle and environment for you to foster.
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