Adoption Events

We hold adoption events almost every weekend and, throughout the month, we hit many different parts of the Metroplex.  Our adoption event teams transport animals and equipment to and from the events, walk the dogs during the event, answer questions from the public and schedule home visits for potention adopters and fosters.   Click for more info.


We need transporters throughout the week to transport dogs and cats between boarding facilities and veterinary clinics.  On weekends, we need transporters to deliver animals and equipment to adoption events.  You don't need an 18-wheeler to transport, anyone with a car, truck or SUV can help.


No one holds better fundraisers than Paws in the City.  Our sponsor base is young and young-at-heart and our fundraising reflects that.  We have a personal relationship with almost all of our sponsors and we love getting together to celebrate our success.  Computer skills, artistry, creative thinking, record keeping, and just available time are all resources we need to put on professional quality fundraising events. Click for more info.


Fostering is one of the most important, and most appreciated, volunteer activities.  Fosters open their homes and hearts to one or more of our dogs or cats, and bring their animal to adoption events, hopefully at least twice a month.  Staying at the events is optional.  Fosters pay for food and provide love, Paws in the City pays for veterinary attention and medicines.  Fostered animals get adopted more quickly and have less temperament issues - please help.  Click for more info and a list of cats and dogs that need your love.

Paws in the City is an all-volunteer organization - which is a nice way of saying that we try not to pay for anything we can get for free!  In fact, almost 95% of our revenue goes towards medical expenses, boarding and training.  We rely heavily on volunteers to step to the plate and get everything else done.  Almost everyone can help us in some way - most people have skills that they don't realize can help.  Other people develop skills as they get more involved.  Take a few minutes to see if you could donate a few hours of your time each month to help save an animal's life.  Click here to get involved!

Please note that all volunteers who interact with our adoptable pets must be 18 or older.

Other Skills

You would be surprised at how we can take advantage of your skills, or a skill that you want to acquire.  Do you have abilities in one of these areas: Artistry, Photography, Videography, Sewing, Cooking, Photoshop, Web Design, Desktop Publishing, Accounting?  Let us know!