Our fundraising teams are the pride of the area.  Absolutely no one holds events that get the rave reviews that we do.  And we do it using a staff that is 100% volunteer.  Don't worry about experience - anyone with a will to put on the best event in town can find a good fit in our fundraising event teams.

Top Hat & Tails is our annual fundraiser.  From this one event, we net almost half of our yearly budget!  Top Hat features a dance competition a la Dancing With The Stars.  Every Top Hat has been sold out and each year has shown tremendous growth in revenues.  We don't call it Top Hat for nothing - every detail is meticulously thought out for the best charity experience in the Metroplex.  Check out the Top Hat website, where you can learn more about the event and see archival videos.  This year will be the best Top Hat ever - recession or not, the cats and dogs are counting on us.  We won't let them down!

Martinis for Mutts is now in its fourth year, and each Martinis has sold out earlier than the previous one.  Always held at Dallas's super-lounge, Candleroom, we try to bring something new to the event each year, while preserving the overall purpose of the event - a cocktail party for animal lovers from all over the area.  If you want to rub elbows with the elite in animal rescue, this is the event for you!  You'll be rubbing elbows, legs, shoulders and just about everything else, because we pack the place up! Click here to see the Martinis for Mutts website.

Hairballs and Hairbands is our annual holiday party featuring best 80s band in the country - Live 80.  This year, we were blessed with an appearance from Kool & the Gang band member Sir Earl Toon, who sang his hit song Celebration to an estatic group of supporters.  Now in its third year, we are ready to become the holiday party in the Metroplex!  Be a part of our team and let's put on a show in 2011! Visit the Hairballs & Hairbands website to see more.

Parties are a great way to raise money and enlist supporters, but an incredible amount of effort is needed to generate money between events.  Grant writing and corresponding with donors keep us going throughout the year.  We always need help with our donation drives and it's a great way to get your feet wet with fundraising.