PITC dogs are boarded at numerous kennels throughout the greater Dallas area.  To better their chances at finding forever homes, it is critical that these dogs get out of their runs on a regular basis for play time, socialization and some basic training.  For this we rely on volunteers to be part of a team that works closely together to make this happen.  If you are comfortable working with dogs on this level and have a few hours to commit each week, please let us know.  It’s a very rewarding experience!


During the week, volunteers go to the kennels where they exercise the dogs.  In some cases, dogs can be taken from the kennels to nearby dog parks for more intense exercise.  Individual dogs may need some training, such as improving leash skills.  Training is done under the supervision of a professional trainer.  Also, the socialization team members are involved in the bios for each dog, to provide hands on information about the dogs qualities as a pet.


If you love working with dogs, you'll want to be part of a socialization team!



We have cat condos or cat rooms in several boarding facilities.  Socialization volunteers play with the cats and may (depending upon location) help with cleaning litter boxes and changing water.  If you can't own a cat because of allergies of a family member or an aggressive dog or apartment restrictions, cat socialization is a great way to get your cat fix!

Please note that all volunteers who interact with our adoptable pets must be 18 or older.