Everyone who loves pets should have at least one rescue animal.  We hear it time and time again - "I've always had purebreds from breeders, but my favorite pet is a rescue."  Every dog and cat is special - but when your rescue looks you deep in the eyes you can tell that he knows that you saved him and that he'd save you too, if he had the chance.  Most of our animals escaped euthanasia by only one or two days - in some cases, we were pleading with a shelter to hold off until we could get there.

We have so many beautiful animals from which to choose.  Sometimes it will happen when you look online, other times when you see your future companion in person.  But when your eyes meet, you'll know it's meant to be.  And you'll wonder why no one got to him before you did. 


Adoption Process:
  • Complete online application at the link below

  • Within two business days a Paws In The City volunteer will contact you to discuss your application, concerns you may have and arrange an introduction for your new family member

  • Each dog may receive more than one application for adoption so please be patient as we do our best make the very best match for each dog.

  • A Paws in the City volunteer will then meet you at your home to introduce the pet to their new environment

  • If everything is going well during the introduction, you will sign an adoption contract and pay the adoption fee

  • Approximately two weeks later a PITC volunteer will follow-up to see how things are going and address any further questions you may have

  • If for any reason you can no longer keep the animal, we will always take them back

  • Please be mindful that PITC is a volunteer organization and our lifesaving efforts are performed in our spare time.  We ask for patience while we respond.






Requirements to Adopt:

It is our responsibility to find the best possible homes for the dogs and cats in our care.    We consider important details in finding the right fit, such as a person's home, interests and lifestyle. We then match those with an animal's social, exercise and training needs.  Some of our animals have special needs or requirements like being an only pet or medical issues or they may not be good with kids etc....Therefore we reserve the right to deny an adoption if we feel it is not a good fit or in the animal's best interest.


Adoption Requirements:

  • You must be at least 21 years of age.

  • Have a valid, government issued, photo ID with your current address on it.

  • Must have the knowledge and consent of all adults living in the household.

  • Must receive proof of pet deposit and lease allowing pets if renting.

  • Must be able and willing to spend the time and money necessary to provide training, medical treatment and responsible care for a pet including yearly vaccinations, check up and monthly heartworm prevention (for dogs).

  • Must live within one hour of the Dallas area.

All of our dogs and cats receive the following before going into a new home:


  • DHPP-Parvo/Bordatella for dogs and puppies. FVRCP for cats and kittens

  • Rabies vaccination

  • Worming

  • Spay or Neuter

  • Heartworm test and treatment if necessary.

  • We keep our dogs on monthly heartworm and flea/tick preventive while in our care.

  • Treatment of any known illness

  • Microchip

  • All pets have been evaluated for health and behavior

Adopters receive the following:

  • Adoption counseling to help the adopter select the dog or cat best suited to the

       family and home environment

  • Educational materials (see our website for information too)

  • Microchip ID and lifetime registration

  • Pet Insurance for one month

  • Rabies Tag for animals over three months of age

  • Medical records documenting the pet's vaccinations/date of testing & spay/neuter


Adoption Fees help us to cover the costs of all the animals in our care, including: tests, vaccinations, microchipping, spay/neuter surgery, medications, surgeries, rehabilitation and boarding.  Any donations over the stated adoption fees are greatly appreciated. On average, we spend more than the adoption donation fee for each animal in our care. Adoption fees are as follows:

  • $100 for cats and kittens

  • $250 for dogs

  • $300 for puppies under 1 year old

  • $100 for dogs over 7 years old