Liberty's Story

For those of you who are not familiar with Liberty and her pups, let's get you up to speed. Liberty is a Pit Bull who was very, very preggo at the Dallas Animal Shelter. One of our pit foster and huge animal advocate volunteers spotted this girl and just couldn't let her die. She begged us to share her on FB. After a whirlwind of responses and support from our FB fans, we pulled this mom to be and her unborn pups. That was July 1, 2013.


To our advantage, we had a volunteer who does ultrasound so we tried to get an accurate count of pups beforehand, just out of interest! She thought there were 8-10 pups. The volunteer who first spotted Liberty convinced her family to foster Liberty and the pups although they seemingly had a full house with a full human family, a Rat Terrier named Dash and a Pittie named Decka who they had just adopted through Paws in June of 2013. Liberty and Decka made fast friends, Dash could have happily lived his days should a door been accidentally left open 


On July 19th, 2013 Liberty gave birth to 11 pups! They took the "City" theme: Bronx, Brooklyn, Dakota, Diego, London, Milan, Phoenix, Rio, Sydney, Vegas & Victoria!


Needless to say, we had our hands FULL! Homing this family took an army of dedicated volunteers including our fosters, our medical team, our puppy foster coordinator, our adoption team, marketing team and our veterinarian partners and photographer partners.


Nicole and her family, the fosters, bent over backwards and did everything in their power to make sure these puppies started off on the right foot and the time devoted to this canine family is beyond measure. Nicole did most of the photos and marketing herself for all of the FB updates for the pups and Liberty.


Once weaned, we had incredible fosters take in 1 or 2 pups and that is where some of the pups found their homes  These fosters worked very hard to instill routine, structure, exercise, socialism and consistency in these Pitties to not only make them awesome pets, but to help deter and deflate the myth that "all pits are aggressive".


We thank everyone, including our huge Facebook Family, for making this a wonderful experience. We are happy to say Liberty and all pups except for 1 are adopted!