Sampson's Tale

Some of you will remember the pups rescued by a good Samaritan with the help of our friends over at Duck Team 6. This good Samaritan received a call one Saturday morning about three puppies seen trying to cross a busy street near a wooded area in southwest Dallas, so she went to see if she could find them. While on the search, she learned from people in the neighborhood that these three pups were born in the woods and have been surviving for about 4 months on cat food and whatever they could find.


Finally she saw one coming from the wooded area and followed her to her brother and sister. A family nearby was letting the three sleep in their garage at night and that's where she found them seeking shade from the Texas heat. They were taken to Dallas Animal Services and Adoption Center and the three were saved. Paws In The City took in the pup with the leg injury and rushed him to the vet for examination. Upon assessment it was determined that surgery was needed to fix the damage that's believed to have been done by being hit by car. Sampson has since had the surgery and is now recovering comfortably in a loving foster home.


If you would like to contribute to Sampson's surgery costs please do so here: Thanks!