Special Needs Pets



Dasher and Scotch have graduated dog training school and might be custom tailored to fit your needs, only if you fit their special needs. If you can answer “YES” to the following criteria you might be exactly who “WE” —and these two cuties— are looking for.


 Are you a Pack Leader without a pack and a top dog? Maybe, you’re single looking for that one-on-one bond? Or you want an exclusive partnership that can only be experienced between a pet parent and their dog?


All animals need special care and love. Some require a little extra time and energy. For these two, its all about strong leadership and keeping up with their current training which is how they play and bond with you. And here is the best part, we will train you on what they have learned. You're not alone in this partnership! 


What you need to know is both are working breeds, which means they need a job and discipline, because they are strong and smart…really smart. Of course, patience is part of the deal, as you both learn each other habits. If you meet these special requirements, we will match you up with either one of these special fur-ever friends. Fill out an application to schedule a meet & greet.


Thank you for your interest in Dasher and Scotch!