Behavioral issues are one of the main reasons dogs are abandoned. Paws in the City provides professional training to those dogs in need so they will fit in with the other residents of their new homes. The following are some of the programs we provide.


Volunteer Education Series

The goal of this program is to provide volunteers with the skills needed to improve the quality of a dog’s time while in the care of Paws in the City. This program’s topics include:


  • How to Handle Dogs at Adoption Events

  • Understanding Canine Body Language 

  • 5 Things to Teach Your Foster Dog 


These events are open to all of our volunteers and the public and are posted on our website.


Dog Socialization Events

The goal of these events is to expose our dogs to new people and teach them how to interact with these people.  When meeting new people, some dogs are very excited and can be over exuberant, while other dogs are fearful.  With friendly, excitable dogs, we teach the dog to remain calm when meeting a new person.  With fearful dogs, we show the dog that people are not scary and that interacting with new people can be a rewarding experience.  We have found this to be a great way for large groups of volunteers from companies to have a hands on volunteer opportunity that is a great benefit for the dogs in our care.