Most volunteers spend at least some time helping out at adoption events.  We hold many adoption events throughout the year, in all corners of Dallas and surrounding areas.  Not many feelings can match the joy of knowing that pets that were mistreated, abandoned, and in many cases a day or two away from euthansia, are now on their way to a loving home.  If you want to know what Paws is all about, you need to come to an adoption event!

Don't worry about experience - if you can hold a dog's leash, you've got most of the required skills.  As you gain experience, you'll learn to converse with the public.  We don't push pets on people, but we do show them that if they want a pet, then adoption is the way to go!


Regularly Scheduled Adoption Events:

In addition there are Paws in the City adoption events scheduled on a one time basis throughout the area.  Please refer to the Calendar of Events for exact times and locations.  


Each adoption event is tightly coordinated - we need people to transport animals and equipment, to tend to the animals during the event and to perform home checks to ensure that each adoption is a good fit.  You won't find a more rewarding way to spend a few hours of your weekend!

Dog Socializing
We exercise and socialize the dogs at our boarding kennels, get to know them, and make sure each dog has up-to-date pictures/video/bio on the website.  Until they find a foster or forever home, their life is enriched with volunteers who keep them happy.

***Please note that all volunteers who interact with our adoptable pets must be 18 or older.


Paws in the City is a 501(c)(3) all-volunteer, no-kill organization with the commitment to ending the overpopulation, abuse, and neglect of Dallas/Ft. Worth area dogs. We have no paid staff. 100% of all funds raised goes directly to dogs in need. Our goal is that every adoptable dog gets a loving home.



Please be mindful that PITC is a volunteer organization and our lifesaving efforts are performed in our spare time.  We ask for patience while we respond.

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